Risk Management & Global Assistance Partner

'Protecting you, your people, your brand and reputation'

B-GR GROUP is a specialist security risk management company and global assistance partner. We support individuals and organisations with a focus on minimising risk for our clients whilst protecting you, your people, your brand and reputation through security, intelligence and risk mitigation.

B-GR Group Profile

Intelligence, operational support, advisory & response in


countries & cities worldwide


Core areas of expertise

Asia Pacific

Eleven divisions of expertise

We identify areas of risk and vulnerability for our clients and offer realistic pressure tested solutions strengthened by our operational capabilities to mitigate risk and uncertainty enabling clients to travel and conduct business globally with confidence . We do this through eleven core areas of expertise.

Security & Protective Services

Safeguarding individuals and organisations with globally integrated solutions from the consulting phase through to design, physical delivery and management of high calibre security services.

Investigations & Due Diligence

Managing a wide spectrum of investigations and due diligence instructions, delivering real value to clients by aiding them in the identification, understanding, mitigation and managing of risk.

Global Travel Risk Management

Tailored solutions enable individuals and organisations to travel and operate in countries whilst minimising risk to personal safety and business objectives. From country and city risk briefings, threat alerts, daily communication briefings, through to incident support and evacuations. 

Political, Operational & Country Risk

We monitor and analyse key developments of global security and political concern across a number of AoR’s, tracking changes in the vector and scope of regional issues, providing summary, analysis and forecasting of MLS’s and MDS’s so that our clients gain a sound understanding of their business operating environments. 

Crisis Management & Response

Working in unison with clients to prevent, respond and manage a range of crises and avoiding interruption to business operations and reputational damage.

Consulting, Design & Best Practice

Functioning a highly customer-facing role in the delivery of transparent front-end consultancy, strategic advisory and best practice methods to support clients when faced with risk and uncertainty.

Cyber Security Services

Training, consultancy and follow-up services that enable clients to understand the spectrum of cyber threat actors and reduce the risk of attack.

HNW & UHNW Private Client Risk & Lifestyle Management

Enhancing the professional and social lifestyle of private individuals, our uniquely personalised support services span from staffing solutions, international concierge through to personal security services, executive chauffeurs and brand protection. 

Event Management

B-GR’s Event Management Team bring the same level of passion and attention to detail to the management and delivery of events as we do to our multi-layered global risk services. Whether it be a corporate or personal instruction, our clients’ events receive the meticulous care that we afford to everything we do.

Secure Ground Transport

We provide effective executive secure ground transport to private individuals, corporations and HNWI’s to ensure safe movement within unfamiliar or challenging locations.

M.I.S.S.T Training Courses

B-GR training and development arm delivers market-leading courses to organisations, employees, SME’s, multinational corporations, governments, private individuals and ex-service personnel.

Your sector & industry

The B-GR approach to managing risk is transferable across all major sectors, industries and complex markets where clients may be vulnerable and exposed to any level of risk, whilst the company’s global footprint provides our customers and clients with the reach and capability to remain flexible and consistent across different time-zones.

Our experience of operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments is strengthened by our cross-sector subject matter experts, providing clients with the reassurance required when partnering with a multi-faceted risk consultancy.

Our support spans across all continents responding to ever-changing risks and we are continuously learning and evolving hour-by-hour with the birth of innovative products and services which allows us to remain current across a multitude of industries and promotes confidence amongst our clients that exposure to risk does not always present adversity, but can also bring growth, opportunity and reward if approached and managed correctly.

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