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B-GR Group is a risk management company and global assistance partner supporting individuals and organisations by identifying, mitigating and turning risk into opportunity through intelligent risk consulting and pressure-tested operational security capabilities.

Our staff yield their experience and knowledge to clients, honed through varying backgrounds including the armed forces; intelligence sector; government; politics; law enforcement; insurance; finance; academia and law, ensuring that B-GR Group sustains its client-centred approach to managing ever-changing personal and organisational risks.


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While our operations span the length and breadth of the globe pre-empting and responding to risk complexities, we aim to preserve our reputation as a boutique risk consulting partner, maintaining our personal client-contact approach and personable manner in the delivery of customised and transparent solutions.


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The B-GR Group approach to managing risk is transferable across all major sectors, industries and complex markets where clients may be vulnerable and exposed to any level of risk.

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Our roots go back to 1951 when Horace Wilfred Bradbury founded the company upon leaving the Royal Corps of Signals after 22 years service.

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Our staff come from various backgrounds including the armed forces, intelligence sector, government, law enforcement, politics, finance, academia and law.

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Brief snapshots extracted from B-GR Group Travel Risk Alerting service

TUNISIA | BEN GUERDANE: Recent clashes between police and protesters in Ben Guerdane approximately 200km west of Tripoli on 11 January has prompted increased security deployment. Protestors are demanding the free-flow of essential trade with Libya. Contact B-GR Grp for full briefing and advisory
GERMANY | NUREMBURG: Anti-Islamist movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) plan to stage a demonstration in Nuremburg on 14 January. The group is expected to converge at 14.00hrs in the vicinity of Jakobsplatz whilst a counter-demo is expected to commence at 13.30hrs
NIGERIA | NATIONWIDE: Workers affiliated to The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) have commenced a three-day strike across the country affecting operating procedures at fuel depots
AFGHANISTAN | KABUL | KANDAHAR: 51 killed and 150 injured in a dual bombing targeting a convoy of parliament staff members in the vicinity of the parliament building on Darulaman Road in the PD6 area of the capital, Kabul. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. A separate bombing killed at least 11 and injured 16 at a guesthouse in Kandahar where a high profile meeting of high-ranking local officials and foreign diplomats was taking place. The deputy governor of Kandahar, a member of parliament and five United Arab Emirates (UAE) diplomats were among those killed. Those injured included the UAE ambassador to Afghanistan, Kandahar province governor and chief of police. The Taliban deny involvement in the Kandahar guesthouse bombing and Kandahar’s police chief has since blamed Afghan guerrilla insurgent group, the Haqqani network and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)