B-GR protect and enhance the brand identity of some of the worlds most respected organisations and individuals.

Our support spans across all continents responding to ever-changing risks and we are continuously learning and evolving hour-by-hour with the birth of innovative products and services which allows us to remain current across a multitude of industries and promotes confidence amongst our clients that exposure to risk does not always present adversity, but can also bring growth, opportunity and reward if approached and managed correctly.

Protecting you, your people, your brand & reputation

Who We Are

Our staff come from various backgrounds including the armed forces, intelligence sector, government, law enforcement, politics, finance, academia, media and law.

What We Do

The partners have a clear vision to remain a bijou special risk consulting company with a personal approach in the design and delivery of bespoke, realistic and pressure tested solutions irrespective of geographical location or complexities of the challenge.

Security & Protective Services

We protect individuals and organisations with globally integrated solutions from the consulting phase through to design, physical delivery and management of high calibre security solutions.

Crisis Management Support

We work in unison with clients to prevent, respond and manage a range of crises and avoiding interruption to business operations and reputational damage.

Investigations & Due Diligence

We manage a wide spectrum of investigations and due diligence instructions and deliver real value to clients by aiding them in the identification, understanding, mitigation and managing of risk.

Global Travel Risk Management

Travel and operate globally whilst minimising risk to personal safety and remain compliant with corporate duty of care regulations.

Consultancy & Advisory

We function a highly customer-facing role in the delivery of transparent front-end consultancy, strategic advisory and best practice methods to support clients when faced with risk and uncertainty.

Political, Operational & Country Risk

We track changes in the vector and scope of regional issues and analyse key developments of global security and political concern so that our clients have a sound understanding of their business operating environments.

Cyber Security

Protect yourself and your organisation from cyber security attacks and understand the spectrum of threat actors, methodologies, capabilities, motives and targets.

Private Client Lifestyle Management

We enhance the professional and social lifestyle of private individuals with customised support services spanning from personal security and protection, executive chauffeured transport, staffing solutions, international concierge and brand protection.

Rio Security, Health & Safety Assistance

B-GR will be providing specialist in-country assistance to support travellers in Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games which runs from 5th to 21st August with the Paralympic Games running from 7th to 18th September.

Training & Development

We focus on raising industry standards and empowering individuals through personal development. B-GR training and development arm delivers market-leading courses to organisations, employees, SME’s, multinational corporations, governments, private individuals and former service personnel.

Secure Ground Transport & Executive Chauffeur

We provide private and corporate clients with 24/7 executive chauffeured services and secure ground movement.

Global Terrorist Threat Tracker

B-GR’s monthly Global Terrorist Threat Tracker supports clients by tracking and analysing threat activity in addition to identifying trends and patterns so that organisations are able to better understand and manage global terror threats that may impact upon international travel itineraries and commercial operations.

Your Sector

B-GR solutions are transferable across all major sectors and time-zones where our clients may be vulnerable and exposed to any element of risk or uncertainty. Our clients range from journalists and media organisations, HNWI's and corporations through to aid agencies and human rights organisations.

Our History

Our roots go back to 1951 when Horace Wilfred Bradbury, a former Warrant Officer Class 2 in the Royal Corps of Signals (Royal Signals) founded Bradburys upon leaving the Armed Forces after 22 years service.

Join B-GR

Each and every individual at B-GR is valued and respected for their diverse range of skills, subject-matter knowledge, proven operational experience and commitment to continually raising industry standards whilst maintaining our own reputation.