M.I.S.S.T. Training & Development Courses

The B-GR Group training and development arm (M.I.S.S.T) delivers market-leading courses to organisations, employees, journalists, SME’s, multinational corporations, human rights organisations, governments, private individuals and ex-service personnel.

We focus on raising industry standards and empowering individuals through personal development and our instructors are subject-matter experts and leading practitioners within their chosen areas of expertise with many remaining actively engaged in operational capacities.

Our courses provide delegates with the necessary transferable personal security and safety skills required to operate across a wide range of industries on domestic and international level including high risk and hostile working environments.


> First Aid
> First Aid at Work (FAAW)
> First Person on Scene – Intermediate (FPOS-I)
> Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA)


> Covert Surveillance
> Rural Surveillance
> Anti and Counter Surveillance
> Cyber Security: Essentials
> Cyber Security: Essentials for Corporate Practice
> Cyber Security: Insider Threat Management
> Cyber Security: Survival, Threat Awareness & Avoidance


> SIA Close Protection Operative (CPO)
> SIA Security Guard (SG)
> SIA Door Supervisor (DS)
> Event Stewarding & Crowd Safety


> Conflict Management
> Physical Intervention
> Physical Intervention (Advanced)
> Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
> Reality-based Street Level Self Protection
> Fire Safety
> Safe Moving & Manual Handling
> Lone Worker Safety


> Kidnap Threat Awareness
> Personal Security and Situation Awareness
> Terrorist Threat Awareness
> International Travel Safety
> NGO Travel Safety
> Journalist Travel Safety
> Pre-Deployment

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