Cyber Security

Safeguarding individuals, organisations and supply chains through assessment, identification, prevention, consultancy and training, B-GR group enable clients to understand the spectrum of cyber threat actors and reduce the risk of attack.

B-GR Group support clients with a range of technical and non-technical cyber security services to ensure that your information is secure and unauthorised access to sensitive data is prevented.

Following meticulous assessment and audits of existing measures we evaluate current and potential threats, associated risks and vulnerabilities to individuals and organisations before implementing a fully tailored cyber risk mitigation programme.

Our support includes:

  • Review/audit of Information Security/Insider Threat programmes
  • Design & Development of Information Security/Personnel Security policies
  • Design & Development of Risk Management policy
  • Establishment of Information Assurance/Security Programme
  • Review/Audit of Risk Management Regime (maturity model)
  • Online Digital Footprint Profiling
  • Network Security
  • Operation Security
  • Incident Management
  • Digital Forensic Examinations & Data Recovery
  • Monitoring Systems & Networks

To support the function of our cyber security services and consultancy, B-GR Group's cyber security team also deliver three courses which can be tailored to suit the audience and specific threats to your industry or social lifestyle.

Personal Cyber Security Survival

Duration: One day

B-GR's Personal Cyber Security Survival course is designed for all those who wish to improve their awareness and understanding of cyber security. Delivered across four elements:

1. The spectrum of threat actors, their capabilities, motives and targets
2. Attack methodologies employed by cyber threats
3. How threat actors gather information to conduct their operations
4. Mitigation measures to improve your cyber security

Cyber Security Essentials for Business

Duration: Five days

This five-day course is aimed at individuals directly engaged in the management and delivery of security, information technology and business continuity and working under the auspices of organisational CISO/CIO, Legal, IT or HR.

Insider Threat Management

Duration: Three days

Delivered in two parts over three days, this course has been designed for employees and departmental leads directly involved in the delivery of an Insider Threat Management Programme such as HR, security, legal and IT.

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