Political, Operational & Country Risk

Strategic and timely information, analysis and advice surrounding historical, current and emerging security, terrorism and political-related risks that impact upon businesses, investments and operating environments.

Employing a comprehensive process that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative analysis reinforced by local knowledge and on-the-ground experience, our intelligence, business, security and political risk analysts engage in the identification and breakdown of key developments of global security and political concern across a number of AoR’s and track changes in the vector or scope of regional issues providing summary, analysis, and forecasting of MLS’s and MDS’s, enabling clients to understand the risks they face and make informed decisions when managing and mitigating operational and investment related risks across the globe.

Our multilingual team engage in the tracking and analysis of vulnerabilities and provide clients with insight of the micro and macro-environment and quantify, analyse and assess the threats and vulnerabilities faced by organisations in addition to project-specific issues and vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to our clients future business strategies.

Our support includes:

  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Security & Political Risk Incident Mapping
  • Country & City Risk Profiling
  • Business Risk Consulting
  • Bespoke Intelligence Requests
  • Event Monitoring & Advisory
  • Political Risk Alerts
  • Historical Risk Reporting, Analysis & Impact
  • Significant Global Dates & Events
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Risk Updates
  • Terrorist Threat Analysis
  • Kidnap Risk Briefings

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